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Greetings, my stylish followers!

I, Onyx, the purveyor of all things paranormal and the master of the macabre, have teamed up with Bull Airs, the undisputed champions of sneakerdom, to bring you a limited-edition merchandise line that will not only elevate your style but also serve as a conduit to the otherworldly realmssss!

These aren't just sneakers,

shirts and socks, folks;

they're portals to realms beyond

our wildest imaginationssss!

With every step you take,

you'll feel the ancient energies

of deities-past coursing

through your veinssss,

empowering you to tap into

your inner darkness and

unleash your true potential!

No personal checkkkksss!


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This apparel collection is a licensed  and exclusive product collaboration with Onyx The Fortuitous, any and all clones of this merchandise are not a licensed item through Bull Airs.

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