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  • Can I visit Bull Airs?
    Yes by all means, we'd love to have you! We don't abide by normal business hours and our showroom is by appointment only, please head to to book an appointment!
  • When placing a Preorder is the money charged at point of sale or when the item ships?
    With all preorders the item is charged at time of sale. With many items part of that charge goes towards the production costs of the item being ordered. Since we are small this is the best way for our team to get the best product out in the in fastest time possible.
  • I’ve ordered a shoe, but I didn’t realize it was a preorder and it’s been over 48 hours. Am I able to ask for a refund?
    As small business we truly would like for our customers continue to support us with their orders however in case of a monetary emergency you are encouraged to reach out to us direct at or . Opening a case against the company through places like PayPal before speaking to us is discouraged as that hurts the company on the back end and we are nice guys. We are always happy to speak with you.
  • Do you setup at conventions?
    Yes we do. Mostly at comic cons and nerdy things of that nature. You can check out where will be next in the “on the road” section of our site! We may not update the page often so please feel free to reach out to us on social media or check our stories for announcements!
  • My product came damaged or has an error on it, what can I do?
    If we have more stock left in your size we simply ask you first email Gary at and send back the damaged product to: (will provide return label). First return label is always on us but any further returns or exchanges we politely ask you to cover the shipping. Bull Airs 3 Delaware Ave Cortland, NY 13045
  • Can I get a refund?
    As a small business we always want to make it right by you, the customer. If an item arrives damaged or with an issue, we always wish to get you a replacement on that item. We do understand there can be issues from time to time and can refund an order but reserve the right to decline after 48 hours. Please do not open a PayPal dispute before speaking to us. We are happy to discuss your order and take care of your concerns.
  • How can I join your street team?!
    You'll head to our SSS page or go to the website shop. In that box y’all receive a ton of exclusive goodies along with flyers to hand out at comic cons/shows and most importantly the 15% off code that expires every March 1st and you're in like Flynn!
  • Does Bull Airs offer clothing and shoes for Women?
    Yes, we do! We have been working designs into our catalog that also will appeal to women. Shoes still come in men's sizes so please size accordingly when ordering!
  • Your Return Policy says Preorders must be cancelled within 48 hours. What happens if I get my shoe and there’s an issue?
    The 48-hour rule is for a cancellation for your money back. Since all new shoe drops are made to order once an item is preordered you have 2 days if you change your mind on the item. After that the shoe is already being made and we reserve the right to decline a refund.
  • What happens after I get my order and I'm absolutely in love with it?
    Be sure to let the internet know all about it and help us grow!
  • How can I check on the status of my order?
    Please email Gary at Gary is available from 9-5 est daily however he is always checking his emails and may reply back to you at any point. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.
  • Why hasn’t my order shipped yet?
    Most of the first time products we offer are sold on a pre-order system. Once the original order window has closed there will be tentative mail-by date (as always subject to change). If you’re waiting on product that has been sold in the past most likely we’re waiting for another product you ordered to arrive so we can ship them all at once. Any questions please email Gary at
  • How often do you do generally remake drops?
    We always order some extras of a drop to cover any factory errors and those who missed out, but many designs are retired after they sell out so be sure to grab them while they're hot!
  • How much do commissions cost?
    Commissions start at $400 for a custom, unique 1-of-1 collector item and will max out at $2,500 for the most complex, high-end pieces we make. We have come to these numbers after years of trial and error with creating items of varying quality and detail. Commissions are a $400 deposit that is non-refundable and you will be notified roughly 7-10 days before the commission is done where we will send you final project photos for approval. From that point you will have 14 days to fulfill the remainder of your commission balance, whereas failure to complete payment will result in the piece being placed into our inventory for resale.
  • What happens if I don't pay for my commission?
    Once the final approval photos are sent for your commission, you have 14 days to pay the remaining balance of your invoice. Failure to pay the invoice will result in forfeit of your commission and it will go into our sellable inventory to attempt recuperating of lost time and money. If you have any issues paying within those 14 days and still want the shoes, please reach out to us to discuss. Please, don't ghost us.
  • How can I get a 1 of 1 commission shoe made?
    Easy! On the website you'll find a section listed as Commissions, please fill that out and submit. Please be advised that commissions are not available year-round.

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